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Sep 21, 2023

If you are passionate about bikes and love exploring the world on two wheels, then you have come to the right place. At 100percentbikes.com.au, we are dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled resource for all things related to cycling.

1. The Bike Enthusiast's Hub

Our website serves as the ultimate hub for bike enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner looking to buy your first bike or an experienced cyclist seeking to upgrade your gear. We understand that the world of cycling can sometimes be overwhelming with the myriad of options available, so we strive to simplify the process and guide you towards making informed decisions.

Diverse Range of Bikes

At 100percentbikes.com.au, we offer a diverse range of bikes, catering to all types of riders. Whether you are into road cycling, mountain biking, or urban commuting, we have you covered. Our comprehensive reviews and buying guides will help you choose the perfect bike that matches your specific needs and preferences.

Cycling Gear and Accessories

Enhance your cycling experience with our carefully curated selection of cycling gear and accessories. From helmets and apparel to bike racks and maintenance tools, we provide detailed recommendations to ensure you have everything you need to hit the road with confidence.

2. Expert Tips and Guidance

We believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to cycling. Our team of experienced cyclists and industry experts share their in-depth knowledge and insights through our informative articles and guides. Stay up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and safety tips to enhance your skills and stay safe on your two-wheeled adventures.

Cycling Techniques and Training

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced cyclist, there is always room for improvement. Our articles cover a wide range of cycling techniques and training methods to help you become a better rider. From mastering climbing hills to improving your sprinting speed, our tips and advice will take your cycling abilities to new heights.

Bike Maintenance and Repair

Keeping your bike in top condition is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Our comprehensive maintenance and repair guides will teach you how to properly care for your bike, troubleshoot common issues, and perform basic repairs. Save money on costly bike shop visits and learn the skills to become your own bike mechanic.

3. Ride Reviews and Inspirational Stories

Immerse yourself in the world of cycling by exploring our ride reviews and inspirational stories. Discover new cycling routes, read about epic cycling adventures, and get inspired by the journeys of fellow bike enthusiasts. We believe that the joy of cycling goes beyond just the physical ride, and our stories aim to capture the essence of the cycling community.

Scenic Cycling Routes

From breathtaking mountain trails to serene coastal rides, we showcase a range of scenic cycling routes that will leave you in awe. Our detailed descriptions, including elevation profiles, difficulty ratings, and notable landmarks, will help you plan your next unforgettable cycling adventure.

Inspiring Cyclists and Their Stories

We believe that cyclists are not just athletes but also storytellers. We feature interviews and profiles of inspiring cyclists who have embarked on remarkable journeys. Explore their triumphs, challenges, and personal growth through the medium of cycling, and let their stories motivate you to push your own boundaries.

4. Community and Events

Cycling is not just a solitary activity but a vibrant community. At 100percentbikes.com.au, we foster a sense of belonging by providing a platform for cyclists to connect and engage with one another. Stay updated with the latest cycling events, join group rides, and exchange knowledge with like-minded individuals.

Cycling Events Calendar

Our comprehensive cycling events calendar keeps you informed about upcoming races, charity rides, cycling festivals, and group rides near you. Whether you enjoy the thrill of competition or prefer the camaraderie of casual rides, there is an event for everyone.

Online Community Forums

Connect with other cyclists through our vibrant online community forums. Ask questions, seek recommendations, and share your own experiences with a supportive and knowledgeable community of bike enthusiasts. Learn from each other, forge new friendships, and be a part of the ever-growing cycling community.


100percentbikes.com.au is your one-stop destination for all things related to cycling. From detailed product reviews to expert tips and inspiring stories, we aim to empower and inspire cyclists of all levels. Join our community today and elevate your cycling experience to new heights!

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